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I went into the city for a interview. I was outside the building for a good 15 minutes looking up information on my phone that I needed for the interview. I was not wearing anything showy. Just a pencil skirt down past my knees (not even tight), a long sleeve shirt covering my breasts, a suit jacket and small/short heels. Then, I went into the building where I had to check in with security (like every office in SF). The guard says “Have you been here before?”. “No” I replied. He says “Because I was wondering who that fine woman was out there, you are beautiful, sexy.” I got a little uncomfortable. I mean, I am here for a interview. Even my attire shows that (I also said that when I walked in) and even if it didn’t, WTF? I really didn’t know what to say.

I guess some could say he was just complimenting me but he kept going and I was trying to waive my hand in front of my face to show I am married. Then, he says “Oh, I bet your husband is so happy.” All I could think was thank God he finally saw the ring. But what if I wasn’t married, how do I get out of something like that? Er, um thanks I guess?

He told me what floor to go to and I went to my interview. I told my husband about it later and he freaked out. I had to stop him from confronting the guy.

I've got your back!


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